Tura New Music Presents



1 – 21 September 2016


Featuring Mark Atkins and Stephen Pigram with the Narli Ensemble
and special guests along the way…

Download Brochure Here Tura Travellers 2016 – Update 1 July 2016

As part of Tura New Music’s annual Regional Touring Program, Tura once again offers the opportunity for a very limited number of donors to travel with a section of the Tour and experience incredible cultural events in this amazing part of the world.

For a fixed price above a minimum donation, Tura Travellers have premium concert packages, special side trips exploring the Kimberley, unique cultural events with the touring entourage, all travel and accommodation and a once in a lifetime experience.

For full details and enquiries please contact Tos Mahoney, Artistic Director, Tura New Music