Tura New Music Presents

The Tour


Tura’s Reflection2 Tour brings together two Indigenous musical icons, Mark Atkins and Stephen Pigram, with some of Australia’s finest instrumentalists. This powerful combination of artists create a program that reaches across cultures, time and place.

Well known and new Pigram and Atkins songs arranged in most unique and inspiring way by the Narli Ensemble are interspersed with Atkins “phenomenal” didgeridoo playing. Evocative ensemble pieces composed for the tour reflect landscape travelled through and peoples met.

The whole program evolves into a wonderful a wonderful feast of contemporary, country, jazz, classical & traditional music.


“Atkins is a phenomenal didgeridoo virtuoso, eliciting extraordinary colours and sounds.” THE AUSTRALIAN

“You can smell the saltwater breeze and see that red dirt swirling in all of Stephen Pigram’s songs” MOJOWIRE

“Stephen Pigram is the bard of Broome and the king of Kimberley song.” THE AUSTRALIAN

“Veltheim’s remarkable performance left the audience bathing in his rich, warm sounds.” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“One of Australia’s most accomplished, versatile and distinct musicians.” THE AUSTRALIAN ON STEPHEN MAGNUSSON

“Expansive, engaging – a journey to new worlds of sound.” THE AGE ON JUDITH HAMANN

“Awesome musical landscapes and eclectic rhythms from around the world.” VITAMIN MUSIC ON GREG SHEEHAN